Tuesday, January 18, 2011


My christmas gift this year from my amazing and ridiculously good-looking boyfriend was a week snowboarding in Lake Tahoe with some great friends, Tim and Crystal. The week was spent learning many new things, including but not limited to: successfully jumping over things on a snowboard, how to play guitar hero and all the lyrics to the 80's hit "Heat of the the Moment", and that before you attempt to take a dip in a freezing lake, check the depth because a lot of them don't get deeper until really far out into the water.

These are a few little paintings of some of the stuff that I saw. I did some pen and ink sketches as well that I'll post later. Happy Wednesday!


  1. the place must have been awesome from what it looks here.!!

  2. Super love the graphic quality of the upper left. Awesome job Syd!