Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Snow Day Collaboration!!

Well, today it snowed quite a bit. So Mike Medicinehorse and I sat back with our alcoholic beverages and cintiqs and did a kickass collaboration painting of sorts. I sketched out the drawing(I might post it later but it's kinda messy :) and then we both painted our own versions of it. Med's is on the left, mine on the right. It is really cool to see how two paintings spawned from one drawing turn out. We didn't see each other's paintings until the end and this is how similar they turned out!!! It's a really really fun thing to do and I recommend everyone try it.
We've decided this will become a weekly endeavor, or at least we're going to make the attempt!!


  1. Awesome guys! Did you put one of them on the 'Flight' contest?

  2. yeah I put mine up! I'm hoping multiple entries are ok :)